Food allergies & accommodations: 
I am very aware that there are a lot of food allergies & sensitivities now. 
Being one myself with a long list, I have helped create a menu to fully 
accommodate. I know it is really difficult for many now to "dine out" , 
trust & enjoy food!!! Please let us know what you require, and we can 
recommend most anything.  
We can accommodate Celiac Disease, Gluten intolerance/allergies, dairy, 
seafood, shellfish, nut, berry, garlic, (or anything not mentioned, please 
ask!), vegan, vegetarian, etc. 
All dishes are available gluten free/ Celiac. The Ravioli and the Gnocchi 
on the pasta menu are not available, as they are prepared ahead of time. 
Any tossed pastas are available in gluten free with a penne pasta, 
additional "corn" allergy as well we can accommodate with a great fusilli 
(spiral) noodle. 
We make a fantastic in house made, hand stretched GLUTEN FREE pizza dough as 
well (Note: It does contain a small portion of corn flour as a part 
All sauces on the menu are not made with any gluten products, and reduced to 
thicken by cooking longer only. Chicken & Veal Scaloppine dishes are 
dredged in flour, but we can use gluten free flour or pure rice flour (no 
corn) to suit, but let your server know when ordering. 
For any WEEKLY specials on the separate table setting menu, please let your 
server know of an allergy, just to be sure. 
Peanut/Tree Nuts: 
We do not use peanuts for anything in the building, but cannot guarantee 
that our suppliers may carry anything containing peanuts. Our bread is Ace 
Bakery, so they even are guaranteed peanut free. Everything on our menu is 
made IN HOUSE, so we do not carry anything such as other baked goods which 
could carry any trace of peanut. 
We do have other nuts, so let us know about any allergies... this only 
includes, pecans, occasionally hazelnuts, and pine nuts (as they are in our 
Pesto Dishes), so anything that contains "pesto" can be prepared with a 
great substitution in a different manner to avoid any allergic reaction. 
We do carry both in the restaurant, but everything in our kitchen is kept 
separate & wrapped. Please let us know of these allergies, to avoid any 
cross-contamination on the line, especially on a busy night, we can 
accommodate (gloves, pans, the works). 
We do occasionally carry, to garnish desserts, etc. All berries are 
packaged separately, so please inform us of this in case of your allergy. 
Being an Italian restaurant, yes we do use garlic. Please inform your 
server of this allergy, as any sauce can be prepared for you without. Your 
server will let the Chef know, so if there are any issues on our part, we 
will let you know if there is any problem with a certain dish whatsoever. 
There are always dishes available... we can customize to suit your needs. 
We are more than happy to work with you & able to please. Just ask your 
server to let the Chef know!!! 
Absolutely. Please ask your server to accommodate, as some dishes "look 
this way", but may contain chicken stock, etc., so we are more than happy to 
modify anything for you.